Forgot password for your Azure VM?

Unfortunately Azure Portal doesn’t have this simple feature. The only solution I know is using Azure Powershell Cmdlets. There are different articles talking about this. But they are not concise at all. To me I just need simple steps to reset password for one single VM. So here you go. Just “8 simple steps” you can get your VM back.

  1. Install Azure PS if needed
  2. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  3. Import-Module Azure and Add-AzureAccount
  4. Select-AzureSubscription -Default “Subscription-1” // use Get-AzureSubscription to find the name if needed
  5. $vm = Get-AzureVM -Name paulloutest // use Get-AzureVM to list all VMs if needed
  6. $adminCred = Get-Credential // DO NOT type machine name, just pure user name
  7. Set-AzureVMAccessExtension -VM $vm -UserName $adminCred.UserName -Password $adminCred.GetNetworkCredential().Password -ReferenceName “VMAccessAgent” | Update-AzureVM
  8. Restart-AzureVM -ServiceName $vm.ServiceName -Name $vm.Name

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